This guild-city lies just on the border of the Fogsea Wasteland and the Razibiju Sand Ocean. Here, the Grigori runs a practical merchant city that makes most of its money off real estate, armor trade, and weapons trade. Given its location, one may be surprised to learn that it has only a few vehicle shops. The gates are classically left open around the clock, but they can be readily closed in case of emergency.
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  • Bill Board
    Just where the entrance splits to the rest of the guild, there is a board where the Grigori and anyone whom xe permits may post bills for missions, requests, information, et cetera. This is one of the few forums in the universe that is conducted OOC.
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  • Forgery Pub
    Yes, this is a pub in the front and a forgery in the back. To date, liquid metals and drinks have not been confused, as far as anyone knows. Some of the blacksmiths use their bare hands, while others use alternative methods to help the other shops stay supplied. The barehands blacksmiths are as good at brewing as forging, which says a lot.
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  • Grigori Foyer
    As the main room of the city's mini-palace, this is a well-decorated, yet humble and inexpensive abode for the Grigori. The Grigori pays no rent to reside and operate within this room, which comes with a neat, oak desk with a notepad for others to leave notes for an absent Grigori. The fold-out cot in the wall is more comfortable than it looks, though still not a choice bed. From here, the guild's intercom system can be utilized.
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  • Highsword Halls
    The halls that encompass the Grigori Foyer are reserved as places of higher training, mainly because they are resistant to just about everything. They get less use than one would expect, though, as many of the better fighters prefer to spend their time in the arena. Still, they serve their purpose.
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  • Residences
    Most of the city's buildings are residential, with only the bottom row of the area and some scattered shops and stalls deviating from this. Houses come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them have a recreational room. Every building is built to be incredibly hard and tough, resistant to many unrestrained blows from Lv3 warriors, even. By the same token, each wall is made to be almost completely soundproof. Alternatively, one can stay at the inn, but that's on a payment-per-use basis.
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  • Levelling Infirmary
    This clinic's second room is attached to the city's great wall. Levelling Challenges can get too rough for the building, so members take it to the wall, where they promptly beat each other to such pulp that the closeness of the doctors and nurses is more than appreciated.
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