Necrohol of Rodentia

This was once a rich kingdom of rodent-people, most resembling rats. Keeping to the stereotype, almost all were honorless thieves. This, of course, meant that the economy collapsed, causing terrible revolts that resulted in the extinction of the entire race, at least so far as any can see. The walls that they once built to horde everything kept the conflict primarily contained and prevented escape from the massacre that made this the Miasma-filled ruin that it is.
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    After the fall of the Rodentians, many lamias, notably liliths and a few gorgons, moved in from the nearby fenlands, feasting on the remains of the rodent-people and taking the decimated kingdom as their shelter. Of course, they conserved what could be conserved, including many frogs from back home, and they found a house with an underground basement that's just northwest of the middle of the area, where they now peacefully preside. Most of the good snake-people now live peacefully here, venturing out periodically to go frog-hunting in the fens, where the bad lamias dwell constantly.
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