Shallows Village

The shore is inhabited by many creatures and hazards, thanks to the fact that the entire northern portion of the continent is hostile territory. The locals built a village on the shallow waters. This village is a collection of huts that were built to withstand the tides and attacks. They can readily do so, as the waters are shallow far from the shore on this side of the Abyssal Sea. Despite their peaceful, almost pacifistic appearance, the village is well-defended.
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  • Village Broadway
    The wide road down the center of the village is rife with all kinds of shops that sell a lot more than just souvenirs and seashells, though you can get those, too. The people of the village take turns at discretion with the markets daily, so you can never be sure just what is available on a day-to-day basis.
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  • The Muddy Breeze
    The local tavern-inn is a great meeting hall that takes a nice chunk of the village's east side up. To those who like or get used to the somewhat dank feel of the place, this is a second home, if not a first, replete with plenty of space, good food, good drinks, cozy rooms, and a village full of mostly kind people.
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  • Boat Store
    An uncannily small shop at the southeast edge of town builds, sells, and loans boats of all kinds. While people should always be on the lookout for less expensive methods of travel, this is a consistent and efficient way to get across the Abyssal Sea.
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  • Shallows School
    This oversized shack on the west side of the village is the school of the North. While many northerners start making the trek to the Atypical Institution around age 16 (although the numbers are all across the board), almost everyone in the North, other than those of the Lilith Commune, attend class here.
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  • Shallows Pokécenter
    Located just south of the school, close to the southwest edge, this is where Civilians go to get their first pokémon, where pokétrainers can go to have their little monsters healed, and the location of the village's local teleportation pods.
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  • Bianca's Cottage
    Crafted by a lovely lady of the earth, this cottage sits just outside the village, on the beach that's just within the region's boundaries. Composed primarily of bamboo with wood supports, this two-floor abode is the greenhouse and residence of a sweet, young woman whom assembled its entirity in one motion.
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