Meidkuad Castle

Surrounded by mountains, rolling hills, an open field to a river and a lake, and natural camouflage, being easy to mistake for just another mountain from a distance, this castle seems to have the perfect position for longevity. Unfortunately, monster attacks from the mountains occur regularly, but they at least have a strong watch to protect them. "Meidkuad Castle" is actually the name of the entire castle town. A tall, wavy, mountainous, almost circular wall surrounds the town, which can be described in appearance as a fusion of Rabanastre and Lindblum, and the tallest two towers can be seen peeking out over the top.
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  • Meidkuad Palace
    Despite what one may expect, this is about as humble as a palace gets. Composed of only three towers, the tallest of which holds the benevolent and just monarchs, this is where one goes when one has a problem that's fit for a king.
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  • Scuttlejolt
    This rather large pub is just north of the castle town's center, and it is where mechanics, machinists, inventors, and the occasional tech-enthusiast/apprecianado get together to discuss methods, techniques, and the occasional scuttlebutt as they get jolted by their curiosity, innovation, and the occasional excessive drink.
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  • Meidkuad Market
    This is the bazaar of the castle's land, where all sorts of merchants and customers collect to trade, work together, converse, and form alliances and mergers. Just about anything can be bought here, from mercenary work to groceries. This is a main street along the western edge of the castle town.
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  • Meidkuad Pokécenter
    Located near the middle of the eastern border of the castle town, this is where Civilians go to get their first pokémon, where pokétrainers can go to have their little monsters healed, and the location of the town's local teleportation pods.
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