Cavian Deathbane

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Cavian Deathbane
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Cavian Deathbane

Post by Cavian Deathbane » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:59 am

This is Cavian Deathbane, as he is called by the people who know of him, or as he prefers to call himself, Lord Cavian the Destroyer and Bringer of Death. Nobody else calls him by that name. As a child, Cavian had shown great promise in magic and had practiced it by himself late into the night. One night, his magic had gone out of control, burning down both his own home as well as his best friend's home beside his. From then on, Cavian had developed a mental block towards offensive forms of magic. Instead of becoming unable to form offensive spells, however, Cavian had gained the ability to subconsciously form all spells into a healing/buff spell when a living creature is within the danger zone. A powerful sorcerer had seen the potential in this ability and had used his magic to strengthen the block in Cavian's mind.

Cavian has other plans. Bitter from the loss of his loved ones, Cavian strikes forth into the world a vagrant, homeless and clinging to scraps to survive. Cavian swears to himself to tear the world asunder and become the greatest villain the world has ever seen. He laughs into the night maniacally.

Age: 20
Hair: black with grey streaks
Eyes: black

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