The Forge (in progress)

Techniques, skills, powers, spells, curses, manipulations, and everything else go here. List all abilities of your character, not abilities of xir allies or equipment, and wait for approval before RPing in Houcm.
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The Forge (in progress)

Post by Bane » Wed Jun 17, 2015 3:47 am

Bane's starting abilities mostly run off the fact of his birth and the circumstance there in.

Omega Ferrite - Bane's body is comprised of this rare and unusual metal. It is extremely light weight(near half that of aluminum), resist damage(tissue only in this case(twice as durable as tungsten)), very stable(melting point at 10000 F, 5000 F it weakens and becomes similar to flesh, -1500 it become sluggish, -3000 F it freezes), it self contains all heat so it gives of the ambient heat only, though this metal has also shown extreme weakness to acids(2x damage from most acids.)
Meta Storage - body can absorb items into itself(with out increasing own weight), how ever Bane must touch an item to do this as well as his body will automatically reject any intelligent or cursed items)
Shifting - to change between human/hybrid/dragon forms min MS cost and similar to the shifting in D&D set forms and takes about 6 seconds. The hybrid form is about 140 in tall humanoid being(400 lb) with the appearance of a dragon, though is primarily bipedal and still has working wings. Dragon form is the form an American style dragon(think dragon heart the move) that is about 20 foot long from snout to tall(500lb).
Hybrid Form
liquid_metal_dragon__anthro__by_shorty_antics_27-d5aghpm.jpg (108.67 KiB) Viewed 2954 times
Dragon Form
metal-dragon-2800x2445-wallpaper-914487.jpg (774.2 KiB) Viewed 2954 times
liquid form - change to liquid state while able to hold any shape(like inq from batman beyond) this comes with dilution risk(taking 2x damage from all liquid type attacks, and average damage just from being in contact with liquid) immune to tissue damage while in this form. Constant low MS drain to keep liquid form.
consume - can eat metals as food.
Re-Forge - Bane can modify his anatomy with respect to creatures that he has extensive understanding of (e.g. grow spider legs). This has no cost beyond his concentration, but he has a limited repertoire of creatures that he can base his transformations from at a time. To add a creature that he knows to his repertoire, he focuses on it for two seconds and spends 5% of his maximum PS. Each additional creature costs double the last one in addition, so he can have at most five (80% of his PS in one shot) available. He can dump a creature from his repertoire at will instantaneously.
coating - for minor CH can create a 1/8 in shell around part of or the entire body. (cosmetic and texture only(look and feel gives thin layer with its on tissue levels that when broken breaks like an egg shell, no battle effect.)
self repair - to grant regen or organize like effect on self only, with cost FFxii regen cost of CH.
Magnetism - Bane can strengthen, weaken, and alter his magnetic state at a proportionate CH.
accelerate - increase move spd of self by spending with a 1.2 multiplier with a slightly below average CH cost. Additional use stack additively up to 3x move speed. Duration 1 min per cast, casting again resets duration.
Roar - cost above average PS and CH sends a extremely loud shockwave causing sonic damage to all it hits and even stunning some. range dependent on cost. roughly 20ft out and 20ft wide cone normal range with very above average damage, this is metaphysical 50% MAG and 50% Pyshical, based on STR and MAG, and DEF and RES effects both counter.
Bloodied - Bane receives a small bonus to damage(melee only) based of how much HE he is missing (2.5% bonus for every 10% missing intervals.)
Arcing - Bane's physical attacks that he performs in wide, sweeping arcs do not lose force for a number of hits equal to his Level + 1. Examples: If he swings at three people at Lv1, the first and second take the full brunt, then the third takes waterfall damage. If he hits seven people in one swing at Lv4, the first five take full damage, then it goes downhill from there.
devour - can expend a average amount of CH to make normal, physical attack a life-steal(regain 10% of damage done as HE).
electrify self - can spend a average amount of CH to have lightening cover exterior of the body. will travel over surface of any conductive material adding slightly below average bonus lightening damage.
Sympathetic pain - Bane can touch someone(chains can be formed along as all members of chain are willing) who is willing to let him take their pain and spend CH to transfer amounts TBD of HE, PS, or tissue damage to himself healing them while damaging Bane equal amounts. Cost is 1/8 the amount transferred. This is instantaneous effect.
indomitable will - should Bane's will ever be compromised slightly below average CH is expended to regain full control immediately and an immunity from the source of the control for 1 min, works only on mental effects only.
Independent ambidextrous - can use all limbs at full power and independently with no disadvantage.
meta crafting - Bane can use psychic powers in place of tools for the purpose of crafting.
Lacrama creation - Below average MA cost and 1 min to create one. Lacrama act like magisite that only work with specific process. Simply crystalized magic that can have a MA average discharged into them(the bullets have average power), then they act as bullets that must be fired from a Lacrama gun.
Size Change - Can grow or Shrink by a factor of 2 for below average MA cost for 1 HR per level, can be ended early for free.

Nether's call : When Bane has 10% or less HE Bane gains the following last breathe abilities

Lightening saw blade - vibrating serrated sword can be formed instead 1 limb with high power factor, 50% lightening and 50% nonelemental damage
Dread howl - Bane releases a dreadful howl that causes fear to everyone within 50ft. This imposes a mental block whenever they would try to attack Bane ideally distracting them enough to miss Bane
Dragon's Challenge - Bane exudes an aura that provokes foes to attack Bane over others, works within 100ft
TAKE MY PAIN! - cost temporary damage(heals over the course of 7 days, upon resting) to MAG(1/2) or average cost to MA or CH. Always hit intended target within 20ft. Bane send half his damage to target healing himself, damaging the foe, this Damage is null damage. Only can use once per day.

Stats 1000 = average 10000 total
CH: 1200
RES: 800
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Post by K » Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:56 pm

As I said in the PM, I'll help more when I'm awake, but, while I'm here taking a peek, here are some things to occupy you:

I think that I see what you did for your stats and parameters, but I'll need some scale to work with for comparison's sake. Lower numbers are higher priorities, thus higher values, correct? Given that you're using a 1-5 scale, can it be said that they would equate to "way above average," "above average," "average," "below average," and "way below average," respectively? If that's what you're going for, you can abbreviate the scale however you wish (e.g. "3 is average, 4 is below average, and so on"). If that's not what you're going for, what is it?

I see quite a few notes that relate to your metallic body, but nothing about its composition. You could probably denote several of the aspects that you want in a single composition description. If this is an original fantasy metal, you should give it your own name! You made it, after all. If you're interested in random ideas for that, check here and here, or use a translator for a cypher language like Al Bhed or Saurian and throw words together until you have something cool-sounding. It's what I do! :chaosway:

For spells and other abilities that give you status effects, you should be specific about which versions you're talking about. That's part of why Noah Ivaldi's list is so bloody long, heh, as well as Dycedarg's. Linking to an appropriate article online (e.g. FF wiki's "Haste" page and saying, "like the FFXII version") or just stating the math that you want are equally acceptable.

Arcing: The ability to swing in arcs is nothing special, but I believe that what you're writing is that you can do so without waterfall damage, losing no momentum as a swing connects with an initial target. Is that something that applies to all wide arc attacks?

Abilities that confer an amount of damage/healing should be stated with a power factor, or else they will be assumed as merely "average" for an ability. As with everything else, relative terms are totally fine.
On that note, I glanced at the costs of some of your abilities. I think that it'd be helpful to you if you were to read some of Louise's ability thread. Head on over there; I'm sure that you'll like what you see, get some ideas, and see how you can fix your costs so that you don't screw yourself over in the long run.
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Post by Tixxi Eldixac » Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:13 am

Meta Storage: Remember the descriptors that you used when we were standing outside the shop? Use those. Worked out perfectly.

Acid Weakness: Cool! There's an issue, though. Because this isn't an oversimplified TRPG, we don't lump all acids together, so there are plenty of "acids" that don't regularly turn metals into salts. While it seems obvious when taking into account your overall character design, for the sake of clarity on an individual ability, you may want to denote this as something along the lines of, "If exposed to an acid that damages metal, Bane takes double damage," or you could easily denote this as one of the properties of the metal that you're made of when writing your composition description. That's probably more sensible, from an organization perspective, come to think of it. "Thinkofanamium is highly reactive to acidity, so most acids will deal double damage." That's clear enough, at least to me. I wonder if anyone else thinks that something more would help.

Memory is a part of one's MS parameter. Photographic or eidetic memory is not typically an ability, though it can be on the side. What I'm saying is that your ability is fine where it is, but I wanted to point out the option of just prioritizing MS highly and being able to skip that ability entirely, if you so desired.

Shifting: You can mix-and-match parts at will, right? -or is this one of those rare, "No, there's a set 'hybrid form' right in the middle, and I have to take one of three forms every time," kind of deals?

Metal Eater: I'm not sure how to feel about this. CH regenerates naturally over time, and eating typically restores PS and a very small amount of HE, so the intent here is a little unclear. Do you want it to just be like eating food, whereupon you receive PS and a little HE? Do you want it to restore CH, and, if so, is that in lieu of or in addition to the normal food benefits? I'm not really comfortable with such an easy way to gain CH back in huge lumps. Imagine Noah Ivaldi running around with seven thousand Dry Ethers that he "just picked up off the ground," being able to dump his mana into annihilating all competition with powerful spells and regaining it all, never suffering an energy pool vulnerability, for free. It may not be a direct comparison, with your low (I think) MAG and currently far smaller verisimilitude in spending options, but the point stands.

Lightning Eater: An elemental absorption to CH, not HE, huh? Okay, I can see that. That's intrinsically far more efficient than a typical HE absorption (You can pick up a jutsu that lets you heal yourself, which means that it gets more mileage, never mind the options that open up when you don't need healing now.), so I think that I should count this as two absorptions at the least. Therefore, it needs to be toned down. We factor elemental resistance levels against one's stats and parameters, where a 10% increase or reduction in damage has an effective cost of "1" on a "total = 30, average = 3" scale. Immunity, then, costs a whopping 10, and I'd be generous to consider an absorption as 15. Then, this is like two absorptions. Clearly, it doesn't mesh with your current stats and parameters.
The acid weakness doesn't even do much to mitigate it. Because this isn't D&D or Pathfinder, you don't have sixteen ways to deal worthwhile acid damage per character. It's not seen as an equivalent damage type to electricity, here. To compare, Noah has basic Thunder spells, Ramuh: Wisdom Storm, and will soon gain access to the Eidolon, Ramuh, in addition to having a mild affinity for lightning (standard elemental manipulation, but weakened) and his Terramancy, but, for acids, he has . . . Terramancy. It's not just Noah, and it's not a punishment for others' char design; acid just isn't a common enough concern to be equated. Sorry.
It may strike you as odd as to how strongly innate immunities and absorptions are considered, but remember this: If you have a fire shield that absorbs fire, yeah, you can whip that out whenever you need it and stuff, but it can be broken, too, or cursed pretty easily. If you innately absorb fire, unless someone is using an ability that specifically interacts with all forms of elemental resistances (e.g. the "Geomancy" support ability), there's not much that anyone can do about it, and it requires no action or forethought on your part. A fire shield also takes up a hand, which isn't really a concern to everyone, but, even without that, you can see that equipment-based elemental resistances are efficient, but okay because they're easily dealt with, but the system needs to discourage innate ones (though having them tied to a temporary super form is okay; see Tixxi).

Coating: What exactly does this do? Buff up your DEF, is it?

Indomitable Will: Huh. Total immunity to mental compulsions as long as you have the CH to spend, eh? If someone imposes a perpetuating influence (a spell that keeps trying, a pheromone that lingers in the air, a metaphysical mind shock that keeps pulsing . . .), does this ability just drain the shit out of your CH, whether you want it to or not?

Magnetism: This is a variable ability, like standard elemental manipulation. It's totally fine to just say something along the lines of, "Bane can strengthen, weaken, and alter his magnetic state at a proportionate CH cost." Done. Simple. About the only thing that I'd tack on to that is an "or MA" after the CH, 'cause I like versatility, and you're kinda' short on MA-spending abils.

Roar: I already mentioned power factors, but I'm gonna' need a range idea on this, too. Tell me its radius when you spend an "average" amount of PS and CH (about 8% of an "average" parameter), how far it goes for some other value, and we'll have a pattern to assess.

Bloodied: This sounds strong. Is it a set-value or proportional boost? Is it to every bit of damage that you deal, only your physical attacks, or what?

Self-Sustained: Ah, I see. You're going for a unified energy pool deal. It would take more than a small amount of CH to sustain yourself for a day. That'd be quite a bit of PS restoration for a small CH cost. It's too good. If you want, you could just write up your stats and parameters to actually have a unified energy pool, then write the flavor text for how and why. See Bianca for an example of this, where she has "Meva" in place of MA and CH, and see my notes on the appropriate calculations.

Sympathetic Pain: Adding team-conducive abilities already! Good thinking. I'd say that you could transfer a very high amount of a energy (your choice as to whether or not you want it to work on only one at a time or in tandem) over a couple seconds, and you'd spend, uh, 1/8th the same amount of CH to do so. Sound about right?

Electrify Self: You channel electricity along your body and through metallic weaponry (where "weaponry" is here defined as "whatever the shit I'm holding, or just my body") for additional lightning damage, basically as a secondary attack property. Okay. It's straight-forward enough, if I'm right. I need a cost and power, though.

Independently Ambidextrous: This is something that you could just note in your bio or something. It's not a big deal enough that you need to state it as an ability.

Devour is an idea that you jotted down, to be filled in with details later, right? Hah, I see that you're having fun with the system of multiple energy pools. It's neat to have these different interactions, not just some admin telling you to spontaneously collapse because your last spell took too much energy, don't you think?
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Post by Joanna Larken Shosmyth » Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:19 am

Things above Consume: These sound fine. They'll be clear enough after some proofreading.

Consume: Hm, interesting. A multiplier on your natural CH regeneration rate for a while is okay. A coefficient of 2 or 3 sounds a bit high. Ah, one-hour increments, huh? This still sounds pretty high-powered. Partially because you didn't specify a size limit (e.g. "lump at least the size of his fist and weighing a minimum of 5 lbs" or "having a minimum mass of 3 kg") and damage limit (e.g. "enough electricity that, without this ability, Bane would lose 1/15th of his starting HE") or . . . something for the electricity . . . for this to work with, there's nothing to stop you from just carrying around a bunch of little slivers, even cheaper than tiny batteries, and munching one from time to time to have a vastly superior CH regen rate. I hate to be a stickler because this is an appealing part of your char concept, but please remember that this is also a very powerful part of your char concept, so it requires quite a bit of effort to put it in check.

Self-Repair: Oh, geez, half your CH? Don't be so hard on yourself! A variable Regen/Organize (my custom spell: Regen for TD) trick should not be particularly costly, and that'd be around a 1/32nd per second rate without a limitation on one another. Noah spits out Regen as nearly an every-battle spell! Okay, not the best example; Noah has more MA than I have socks, but you get the idea. A PS regen is . . . odd. It's very odd. The design by which you are eating to regain CH, not PS, then spending CH to get PS regen is . . . just odd. If you're unable to restore PS in the classic ways (resting and eating), that should be explicitly stated, though that's a limit that I would dream of putting on only the most obscure gimmick chars (Lookin' at you, Shir-Nuzreh.), personally. If that limit is in play, well, okay, on-demand PS regen doesn't sound so bad. If not, dropping that particular bit of functionality would probably be best.

Anyway, if this is intentionally over-costed, that brings up another good point: By no means do we try to make all chars designed the same, nor do we even enforce many similarities, though commonalities are often recommended for convenience's sake. One commonality that is very strongly recommended is that one does not try to design their char to have extremely over-costed abilities and gain extreme energy pool regenerations in return. This is largely due to compatibility issues when learning new abilities, borrowing/being imbued with others', or having costs/regen rates modified by others' effects, whereupon inconvenient and inconsistent rewrites come into demand or team balance comes across far more strongly or weakly than it rightfully should by the intentions of the teamwork-fascilitating ability's writer. While it is possible to overcome such hurdles, it is more convenient, especially to n00bs, to operate on . . . I would not call it a unified system, by any means, but a systemic pattern, perhaps. Thematically, if one wishes to dump a great deal of energy into a single ability, there is nothing to stop that by any perspective, but making every cost feel the same mechanically as a high MS cost (MS, of course, being the fastest parameter to refill) is not recommended.
As a less extreme example of how extremism of costs and energies can be wonky, keep an eye on Shir-Nuzreh. It has not yet seen gameplay, but watch when it does, and keep an eye on the ability list.

Accelerate: Compounding cost? Also, remember to check those notes that I made about proportional costs. If your costs scale up with your energy pools, you're not really gaining much, which is a design flaw that I don't want you to have if you don't want to have it.

Roar: Very high power factor, two high costs, but a decent enough area, and variability . . . Seems about right. We're missing a descriptor for the variability scale, though. If you spend a high amount of PS and CH for a 20' radius, how much do you get for, say, a very high cost to PS and CH, or an average cost? We only need one other area description in order to completely comprehend this ability.

Bloodied: Ah, okay, this is pretty clear. Good stuff. You could tone it up a bit, though. As often as I find myself reminding people that multipliers are hardcore, this particular one looks pretty soft.

Arcing: Oh. Huh. That's a different way to go about it. I kinda' like that. Kudos! How many seconds need to pass for the count to reset? Is it safe for me to assume that the attack count is tracked once (each strike that you land on multiple targets), or is it somehow tracked on a per-target basis?

Sympathetic Pain: Looks good. All that it needs is a rate, such as the one that I suggested in the previous post. Otherwise, the implication is that you can fully heal someone instantaneously, which actually doesn't sound unreasonable when you're taking the damage and spending some CH to do so, so, you know, if you want instantaneous transfers, that's fine; just say so expressly.

Indomitable Will: Again, proportional costs note. Aside from that, you have two entries of this. It's obvious that the second one is the updated one. I just wanted to point out the missed deletion.
I'm okay with this, but I'll give a friendly reminder that some influences could be so strong as to override this, though they'd be so rare that it's likely enough that you'd never see them. Oh, and this doesn't apply to bodily compulsions, only mental reworkings, correct?

Meta Crafting: I see what you're trying to do. I'm going to suggest a different, but similar way to go about it. Simply have it be psionic crafting. You don't have the supreme MS that is required for unstated psychic prowess, but you can just have an ability to psy-craft, spending lots of MS (focusing) to craft without use of limbs or tools.
Noah has such high MS that negligible feats of telekinesis, on the scale of causing a marble to start rolling on its own, are possible. After a few levels, he'll be a competent psychic, being able to perform some low manual labor with his mind. However, if he wanted such powers earlier, he could simply write them into his abilities, and he'd just be naturally gifted for psionics, at least in the ways that he'd specify. You could easily do the same, and, because MS comes back so easily (Focus with all your might on coming up with an idea. Stop focusing on it. How does your mind feel? It doesn't exactly drain itself down to where it stops telling your lungs to respirate, right?), it'd be essentially free under normal circumstances.
Also, you're used to crafting times being stated in money because that's the quick-and-dirty way to express them that TRPGs use, but, on Sein, we just use real logic. A million-dollar item can be made in seconds, and you could spend hours whittling an ordinary spoon. That's true in real life and here, and it works because performing a job and getting money requires actual time and effort, here, not a roll of a die and a statement to a DM of what the die represents.

I presume that everything from Lacrama Creation down is just ideas that have been jotted down, not stuff that you're looking for comments on at this time.

I am back from my weekend event, so we can meet at the shop or something to discuss things in person, if you'd like. Simply tell me when and where.
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Post by Shir-Nuzreh » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:55 pm

Approved. I'll help proofread further later.
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