Mobile Armory

Equipment, ammo, vehicles, and other items are to be posted here for approval before your character is fully approved for gameplay.
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Mobile Armory

Post by Bane » Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:37 pm

Whip Blade - Whip Blade is a sword that has a cord contained within that can be used as a normal sword at above average power for a sword or sent out and used as a whip for average power for a sword. The blades are also attached with spikes down the middle of one side. Typically double the reach of standard melees(as in like a whip) can be wielded 1 or 2 handed. The standard blade dimensions(hilt to tip)length is 2 foot long blade, 1 foot wide, and 4 in thick. The standard weight per blade is 16 lbs.
custom_whip_sword_by_forged_artifacts-d7j48k6.png (835.3 KiB) Viewed 2136 times
1 X master smith's Mythril - Adamantium Breast Plate - light weight providing now negatives due to its weight, and provides a slight bonus to DEF.(alternate armor)

1 X tutor's leathers - basic leather armors that slightly boost RES(currently equipped)

All whip blades here down are made of Mythril - Adamantium with generic magical gem inlays for other elements and effects.

4 X Mythril - Adamantium whip blades - when used as a sword Light weight metal whip blades,

4 X Coral whip blades - 100% water element

4 X icebrand whip blades - 100% ice element

4 X Flametongue whip blades - 100% fire element

4 X Cyclone whip blades - 100% wind element

4 X Anima Whip Blades - 100% dark element

4 X Celestial whip blades - 100% light element

4 X Gaia whip blades - 100% earth element

4 X Mage Bane whip blades - has the mana burn effect, deals half HE, no TD instead it does that damage to MA

4 X hyper whip blade - have increased average ATK SPD, used as sword at average power for a sword or sent out and used as a whip for below average power for a sword

4 X buster whip blade - twice the length(4 foot long) as normal ones(slower swing for those not strong enough) weight of each one is 32lbs, when used as a sword significantly above power for a sword or sent out and used as a whip for average power for a sword

4 X Sword caster - a sword with magical focusing chamber to fire lacrama, average damage for sword, slightly below average damage for a gun when used as such, with average range, accuracy and fire rate. (semi auto, with 5 round mag in handle)
2ndGen-Great_Sword_Render_004.png (227.33 KiB) Viewed 2136 times
20 clips of lightening lacrama - sword caster ammo preloaded into clips of 5(100 rounds)

noodle whip - minimal damage for whip(very insulting)

Tent - 2 man
Bed roll
basic dehydrated rations - 7 days worth
tinder box(flint and steel)
ever-bright torch (lights without heat upon command giving off light as though it were a standard torch without heat or need for oxygen. also turns off at command, must be holding to issue command)
oil flask(basic oils)
clothing basics 2 sets
clothing formal 1 sets
iron , 20 lbs
rope 100ft
grappling hook
ink (10 1 oz flask)
acid flask (10 1 oz flask) sulfuric
alchemical fire, blue (10 1 oz flask) - a concoction of chemicals that when vial is broken create fire, about 6in in diameter and height that last for 1 min, small changes to the mixture can be made to alter the color of the fire or add small effects similar to the effects that can be in non-Artillery fireworks
candles - 10
mirror - hand mirror steel
peppers 30lbs(hot ones)
cook ware (set for 10 people)
water skins (10 1 gallon)
filter for water(charcoal)
never ending story book
rucksack, large - similar to XL military rucksack, about 3'x2'x3'

Everything from here down is poorly made of scrap iron.

20 X Short swords - below average damage for sword
20 X Long swords - slightly below average damage for sword
20 X Great swords - average damage for sword
20 X Axe - slightly below average damage for Axe
20 X hand axe - below average damage for Axe
20 X great axe - average damage for axe
20 X spears - slightly below average for a spear
20 X iron shields - slightly boost DEF
20 X mace - slightly below average damage for mace
20 X great muals - average damage for mace
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Post by K » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:49 pm

Your shortsword weighs about four times as much as the average arming sword, or 1.5 times a parade sword. Therefore, I'd like to know the weight of the greatsword version of it.

We still need the details for alchemist's fire.

Other than that, this is fine. Approval is just around the corner.
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Post by K » Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:24 pm


For the record, folks, I don't get notifications for people editing posts. If you fix something and don't want to post "Edited" or the like as an additional comment, please inform me in some other manner.

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