Serena Usagi the "Six-Winged Archangel"

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Serena Usagi
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Serena Usagi the "Six-Winged Archangel"

Post by Serena Usagi » Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:13 am

Name: Serena Usagi
Nicknames: Most people call her "Usagi" or "Serena" and only her enemies refer to her as "Sere"
Age: 1015 (but in human form looks to be around 18)
Birthday: 1/20/????
Race: She's the last six-winged archangel
Personality: Outgoing, mostly; but if you call her a bitch, you better be prepared for death
Other personality: Sere, a destructive person (or her original self as an archangel) whom believes that killing is the only solution for a fight
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 100 kg
Eye color: Blue (Gold as Sere)
Hair color: Gold (Black as Sere)
Breast size: C (don't make me give what size >__>;)
Occupation: Singing, School, and Family
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, and Volleyball
Residence: 167 Forest Date Rd. 6742-28; Tokyo, JP
Languages: She speaks a total of 4; English, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian
Family: None that she's aware of, except God and her daughter, Lune
Martial Status: Single (so far; dates her bodyguard Kindlus later)
Weapons: 神刀 (Kami no Katana; The God Sword), 聖剣 (Seiken; The Holy Sword), and 破壊力刀 (Hakairyoku no Katana; The Destructive Sword)

She is a six-winged archangel - the last of her kind - whom was given a mission by God to stop her enemy, a demon named Umaraku, from letting Lucifer loose on Earth. She is bound via a never-ending contract with a higher class demon named Kindlus "Kindle" Suca, and she - over the course of 1,000 years - builds a romantic relationship with him. Her only child, Lune, is her life and light.

After a large fight 15 years before the start of the storyline, Serena lost her memory due to trauma. She doesn't remember anything but her name. She is born into a household of loving parents and a brown-haired brother name Souki. Said parents are later killed off by Umaraku. Souki is hit by a truck later that month.

She is a blond-haired, blue-eyed girl whom has a multiple personality disorder. Her "other self," Sere, is a destructive angel who believes that killing is the only way to end a fight permanently. Meanwhile, as herself, she's a warm, compassionate person whom has a temper. Whilst she's mostly calm or quiet, when something relates to her, she's on the case right away. She tends to push herself too far to prove she's strong. One warning: DO NOT CALL HER A BITCH!

Her only family besides Lune is her sister - whom is a two-winged archangel - named Sheda Usue. Her friends, Kinda Himura, Fukuwa and Fukawa Tsuji (they're twins), and Raven, are always there for moral support. Her pet, Suice, is a large dog demon that she trained over years of fighting Umaraku.

Over the 1,000 years that she chased after Umaraku, she developed human emotions when she was reborn as a human. In this time, she became "Serena" and separated from "Sere." She fell in love with Kindle and accidentally made him feel the same through their contract; in this, she gave him a soul.

Over the course of the story itself, Serena grows to know many new people and her personality changes to see the good and bad in life as her past comes back to haunt her. But even so, she pushes onward. Her strengths and weaknesses are shown as she continues to strive towards stopping the apocolypse. Little does she know until the end that the demons are on her side too when Umaraku's plans are revealed and are proven to destroy the very human souls demons consume. Now, with Heaven, Hell, and humanity on her side, she won't fail.

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Post by the General » Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:56 pm

Why is this in spam?
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'Cause she was gonna' make this her char bio, but decided against it, so she figured that she'd just share it in Spam.
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