This is the central hub from which all N00b Zone chars start and rest between missions.
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*The fighters congregate at their Clan Hub. The location is a somewhat musty, but homey pub. Almost everything is wooden, primarily mahogany with some ash wood tables. There are several round and square tables littered across the floor in something of a checkerboard arrangement, each surrounded by eight chairs, give or take. One round, crowded table has taken a couple chairs from nearby others. Aside from the eleven members there, there are several other clan folks chatting all over the Hub. The clan barkeep is scrubbing away furiously at a particularly adamant stain on the bar. The chairs and bar stools are of varying heights and sizes, conducive to many different people. The clan heraldry, a green shield with a black cross separating a silver dragon, gold unicorn, diamond cryophoenix, and pearl kappa (left to right, top to bottom), is emblazoned on several red flags that hang around the room. The bar's glasses, which hang overhead, are stained to have the same design on their otherwise crystal-clear bodies.*

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Post by Shadowarc » Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:05 am

Vinnegret,a scrappy young thief, enters the pub and takes flighty and balanced steps toward the barkeep while taking her well -practiced eyes to memorizing the layout of the ground floor and its occupants.

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