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Re: Character Gov't

Post by Learpabru » Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:53 pm

-sighs- No, no. . . Okay, I'm gonna' spell this out REALLY simply. . .
  • As of yet, there are no direct benefits to joining a guild aside from being able to vote for the Grigori and priority in training and stuff.
  • We have decided against stat boosts by membership. You don't get more SPD just by being in Locco, you don't get more MAG/RES just by being in Xuten, you don't get more STR/DEF just by being in Sacucasu, you don't get more, uh. . . something. . . in Aesthesia, et cetera. It'd be illogical and difficult to manage.
  • Anyone can train in a guild; it's just members that take priority, and some high-Leveled NPA chars are unlikely to bother with training you unless you're part of that priority group. Training can be applied to all sorts of stats, parameters, and abilities, but certain guilds are a bit more specialized in their help with some aspects in comparison to others. Training =/= membership. Membership =/= training. You don't get training benefits just for joining. You don't get membership just by training there. In a way, it is like a gym; any hobo can walk into a gym and get a workout, but that doesn't make him a member, just as signing some papers, handing over some money, and calling yourself a gym member doesn't make you stronger.
    (Xuten is the best for teaching spells and helping you raise your MS, MA, MAG, and RES. Sacucasu is good for physical techs/skills, PS, STR, DEF, and, to a lesser extent, SPD with a touch of MS and CH. Locco is heavy on SPD, PS, CH, and, to a lesser extent, MS. Aesthesia is pretty well-rounded, but mainly focuses on PS, MS, and some SPD. As a general rule, fewer focuses = more specialization, so they're all roughly equal, which doesn't much matter, 'cause the basic premise is that you're gonna' go to the right guild to train the right stat, unless you want to save travel time and kill two different birds in one stone.)
  • It goes without saying that some chars are more apt to learn abilities through training than others. At a higher Level, you can handle more stuff. If you have high MS, you can handle a bunch of abilities. If you already know Spell, you can learn Spellra, then use that knowledge to learn Spellga and eventually Spellja. That all deals with training stuff and has nothing directly to do with guilds. If we go with suggestion 5 or 6 of the following item, we will have a pattern set for training and guild-based abilities, but they will still technically be two separate concepts.
  • We're considering possibilities of small abilities to hand out upon membership. Unlike stats and parameters, abilities can just be handed out, and no one's at a real advantage or disadvantage statistically because of it; it's just a littly versatility upgrade, something like an extra spell for Xuten, an extra tech for Sacucasu, an extra jutsu for Locco, an extra. . . something aesthetic for Aesthesia, and so on for any other guilds that come up. Suggestions so far:
    1) All members of a guild get a pre-determined action ability of the guild's type, as described in the previous paragraph. The problem that can arise with this is conflicts with present versatility. If, say, Sacucasu members learn Far Fist, but some characters already know it or something that's flat-out better (more power, range, or radius, and still with no cost), Sacucasu membership isn't gonna' look so hot.
    2) All members of a guild get a pre-determined support ability of the guild's type. It'd have to be something small, but kinda' neat. Likelihood of conflict with present capabilities is vastly reduced when you're dealing with little support abilities, of course, though it may still exist in some instances. The main flaws in this are that some support abilities may be seen as unfair advantages to those without guilds (Of course, I'm inclined to just tell people to go join a pair of friggin' guilds, 'cause that's essential to Level-based char progression, anyway. . .) and that support abilities won't really add versatility, but will just flat-out confer basic benefits.
    3) All members of a guild get an action ability of the guild's type that varies by member. One Xuten member will get Spell A, while another will get Spell B. While interesting and not really so hard to manage, one may say that this is unnecessarily complex. On the other hand, it doesn't get snagged up in conflicts with present versatility.
    4) All members get a support ability of the guild's type that varies by member. This may be seen as unnecessary, but it keeps capability conflicts from arising without going into the complexity of a different action ability per member. It still follows that versatility isn't really added, that they're just simple benefits, so that flaw is still present.
    5) All members get an action/support ability that depends on their Levels and the guilds that they are members of (7 different abilities for each guild). This adds more pre-determined abilities to the mix, greatly increasing odds of conflict with existing capabilities, though it at least tries to compensate for this with the simple solution, "Go Level up!" Granted, Lv7s don't have that option, and they're at a point where they have so many capabilities that they're quite likely to see some conflict(s), so this isn't looking very shiny in the long run, but it is worth consideration.
    6) All members get an action/support ability that varies by guild type, individual member, and Level. This mix of 5 with 3/4 can easily be called unnecessarily overcomplicated, as it multiplies 3/4's complexity by 5's ability count and keeps the weaknesses of 5.
    7) We go to the Fuckit Bucket and scrap the idea, just leaving guilds a matter of prioritizing and specializing.
Aesthetics are artsy-crafty stuff. You know, like music, painting, calligraphy, fashion, sewing, crocheting, dancing, acting, appearances, and all sorts of hooplah. If you pick one sword over another because it looks cooler, you're picking it for the aesthetic value, not the practical value (Is it actually BETTER, or does it just look cooler?). Aesthetics are basically the exact opposite of practicality.
Look to Learpabru. How does she battle? It's not spells and magical stuff. It's not physical brutality. It's not all evasion and hasty attacks that allow her to out-DPS (damage per second) you. She kinda' hits all those bases, but, more than anything, she uses wierd-ass, artsy-fartsy stuff that couldn't possibly be of any value on a real life battlefield, but is just as legit for battle as anything else, here.
Think of "bards" in several FFs, FEs, and other RPGs; they don't necessarily cast spells or wield weapons, but they sing their way to victory. Fun fact: A bard was actually a nomadic storyteller; singing is not the pivotal definition point for a bard. Singing is often associated with bards, gypsies, and other nomads because all of them lived a policy of travelling and entertaining for a living, so it is natural that the term is used for singing nomads in several RPGs. This adds a funny level of irony to FF: The Four Heroes of Light, which features both a "Bard" job class and a "Storyteller" job class.
Likewise, almost as frequent as the bards are the dancers. It's the same concept. Play FFVI, and you'll play as Relm, who uses magical paintings for various effects. Okami Amaterasu uses her tail for her Celestial Brush techniques. Shadow Mario/Bowser Jr. uses that slime paintbrush for some crazy shit. The examples go on and on, and we can't lump them in with magic 'cause plenty of them clearly use physics or neither, we can't toss them into Locco because it's not all about speed and mobility to the aesthetic fighters, and Sacucasu isn't an option any more than Xuten, so the only remaining option is a aesthetics-focused guild.
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Post by Kaito Inaki » Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:22 pm

Alright well i understand all of it now.
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Post by K » Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:52 am

Then what do you think of those suggestions?
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