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Post by K » Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:43 am

If you expect to be offline for more than a couple days or so, you can post here in order to let people know ahead of time. Simply state how long you expect to be gone (and why, if you so wish), please state all your account names (if more than one), and people will respect that. If, for some strange reason, you don't want people to know that /this/ account belongs to the same user as /this/ account, you don't have to state each of your account names; it's just nice if you do. It's kind to give people a fair warning.

Well, let's say that your character and mine are in a battle. I reply, you reply, I reply, you reply, I reply, you don't. I'm patient, so I wait a few days for your reply. After some time, I post a bump, like so:
You still don't get to it. I want another couple days, and I post another bump. Still nothing. This is pretty wierd, since you're usually very prompt, which is unnecessary, but cool and convenient. Okay, so I go post in the Topic Reminders thread. After another few days, you're still gone.
Now, I'm worried, thinking that something may have happened, or maybe you're all sad because something went wrong and you no longer have a link to the site. Now, it's not like it's a life-or-death thing, probably, but it's still worrying. If you lost your link to the website, I'd probably be able to tell because you've been offline for so long. I can then send you an e-mail to ask you if that's indeed the case, including a link. If I'm not an admin and don't have another way to contact you, I can ask an admin to do it for me. If that still doesn't work, we just let the topic sit, for now, and I stick to my other topics. If you ever DO get back, I welcome you back, and we get back to that one thread. If you don't, the topic is ignored, and I have to make stuff up as though it never happened. Alternatively, something could happen to pull you from that thread, and I could go about my business and still have whatever I got in that thread, but it's just not the same. No one wants that, so if you have to leave for six months or something, it's nice to know ahead of time, so that I know that your topic will eventually be finished.
So, lets's say that you're in a mission or the arena. Well, if you're going to be on vacation for two weeks, a month, three months, a year, or whatever, it's not fair to hold others up, right? Well, if you post here, we'll know ahead of time. If everyone is okay with waiting for so long on it, we'll say so. If not, we'll make something happen to take you out of the topic (without killing you, unless you want that, for some reason), or whatever, and things can safely go on without cutting you out against your will or delaying others. It's just to be fair and polite.[/border]

So, now that you know WHY (if you read the above area), please let people know if you know that you'll be gone for longer than your usual. It's not a rule; if you disappear for a long time and don't respond to e-mails or anything, no one's going to edit or delete your things. No one's going to kill your character(s), kicks you off the site, or anything. No worries. This is an optional thing to be polite. That's all.

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Post by Tori Keheraht » Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:50 pm

Bianca/Tori will be away for another ~2 months. Moving sucks. She'll be back when she can be.
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