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Post by K » Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:47 pm

Well, as I predicted, my previous explanations have been read by 82%, gone right over 71% heads, have been ignored by 67%, and the other 40% are undecided. What? I don't know. Anywho, here are some common misconceptions (and something that's a bit of an amendment, or rather a clarification of one that was meant to already be written):

Stats: For the last time, these do not have to be in numbers! For the last time, they do make sense. If I am stronger than you, my strength is higher, right? I'm not saying that it has to be calculated as a numeric value; however, if I can hit harder than you, that needs to be shown, so that it can be seen that I'm not hitting harder than you just because I think that I'm better than you. I have to say that I'm stronger than you so that you can say that you're faster than me, tougher than me, more magical than me, or whatever else, and have decent reason for it. If you want one stat to be higher, you should lower at least one more to equate to the difference. That way, you're still fair. I know that it's a tough concept for some of you to wrap your minds around, but we're not going to rely on everyone's discretion, because we then have someone flying around at light speed at Lv1, nuking planets with magic and jutsu, playing planet pinball with their pinkies, and shrugging off attacks as nothing. No, I know that you won't all god-mode like that, but the point remains. If you're allowed to be stronger than everyone else, faster than everyone else, more defensive, more magical, more magically resistant, more physically and mentally endurant, have more mana and chakra, and all, even if it's just a small advantage, it's unfair. You don't have to be exactly as strong as everyone else, but your stats have to average-out. Don't worry if you have trouble evening things out; I'm here to help. Just don't whine at me when I say that you can't have 5 "way above average"s, 2 "average"s, and the others "slightly above average". That's godhacking.

Now, you may be wondering about some of the things that I said in the Levels and Growth topic. To some of you, it all made perfect sense. To some of you, it was completely unreasonable. Remember me saying that I wanted you to actually reply to stuff when there was a discrepancy, so that we could talk it out? Some of you are rather slow to that. The rest of you are stopped. Sigh. Please ask me about anything that you find to be unfair. Here's an example of things getting solved when people talk them out:
WARNING! This is very lengthy, even as much useless stuff as I cut out. There are also several "cuss" words, though I omitted the "f" word wherever I saw it for your convenience. I encourage you to read, but you have been warned. Also, you'll notice that we are fairly harsh to each other, since we're friends, heh.
C: Nooooot like that. I meant, the ones where your character's life is written like a story. In what novel do you have stats? Examinations as the only way to gain experience? x.x
Maybe it's just something I'm not used to, so I'm not as open to the idea..
K: Like I said, action is good.
There are story-based RPs and action RPs.
C: ... Like... Story..
As in.
Yes, it'll be all adventure and whatnot, with conflicts, resolutions, yaddayaddayadda...
You're thinking in terms of D&D, WoW, and others. I'm thinking NOVELS.
K: No, I'm not.
C: . . . *twitch*
Kay, well please explain.
K: -holds open palm toward you- Punch.
C: *does so?*
K: -palm = brick wall-
My Defense is high. your Strength is low.
-pushes back, almost knocking you over, but catches you-
My Strength is higher than yours.
If I hit you, you get bruised, unless I hit the correct spots.
If I hit you, it hurts like a bitch.
My Strength is high. Your Defense is low.
C: ... Exactly my point. Me no likely dat system... Sigh. I mean, you're still thinking like --- Imma shut up now.
K: C, I can overpower you in real life. Do you want this to be incredibly unrealistic, where everyone is just as weak as everyone else?
C: .... Nuuu.
K: That defeats the purpose of RPing. The most basic principle of RPGs is growth.
C: ... You know, I think it's the fact that I think as rp'ing as being someone else, and writing from that perspective, and BEING that person. You think of it as a game, complete with moving pieces...
But that's just how I rp...
So, whatever I guess...
K: No, not moving pieces.
Please, stop comparing me to D&D. I've never even PLAYED the ****er.
C: *raises hand,* I had to. And it's exactly how you're explaining it. x.x
K: Not even.
Look, C; I just explained something in terms of REAL LIFE, and you still don't accept it.
Thanks to [insert personal details here], you can run faster than me.
You have higher movement speed.
However, my arms are faster. I can catch your punch from behind at point-blank range.
I have higher attack speed.
I have a higher pain threshhold. That's higher Health Energy.
Need I go on?
"Stats" are "statistics". Whether we admit to them or not, and whether or not we measure, classify, or whatever them...
... -they exist.
There are statistical factors that play in a battle.
C: .. Hey.
I realize that.
What I do?
K: If I'm stronger, tougher, and faster than you, I can probably whoop your ass 9/10 times.
C: Put trust in the members that they'll keep track of that on their own.
K: And we see how well that works-out.
C: That'll they'll have a basic understanding in their head that they know what their weaknesses and strengths are.
Not everyone can.
But again, that's just how I rp.
K: -points at countless failures on Esc, points at the fact that everyone and their mother, including the mods, has made their characters either overpowered, underpowered, or both-
C: It apparently is inferior to your own, but whatever..
That's just the way I grew up writing on forums.
K: Everyone, C. All of them but me have fucked their stats up, and that's just in relative terms.
C: And you know what?
Please, jsut read this.
K: C, no, stop.
C: I AVOID sites that have number totals.
K: Please, stop with this. I'm not just 'degrading your way of thinking'. I'm not just 'putting down what you grew up with'.
... You already ---------
... It's not just numbers.
Noooooot. Juuuuuuuust.
C: ... But whatever. You'll know why I'm not that active, even when I get free time.... *Shuts up on the subject for good.*
K: Look, C, if everyone is left to determine their own strengths and weaknesses, everything is disorderly. We've seen it. If everyone is equal in everything, we're all just playing house; no one will want to go into battles.
No, damnit, for once in your damned life, actually argue something out like a mature person.
I want problems to be RESOLVED.
I don't want people to just shut up about them so that they can get worse, like on Esc, Ves, and everywhere else.
You and I are going to sit down, and we're going to TALK about this.
C: ... You're not going to change the system for me, K. I know you won't. I won't be okay with it. So it'll just be a problem until I eventually leave the site. Case closed. It's how it always is. You can argue about the benefits of your system, and how it is more orderly; I can see that.
I just, personally, don't like it.
Maybe I'm a stuck up nub.
K: No, because you refuse to listen to any explanation.
C: ... I did listen.
Trust me, I did. :3
K: Just sit down and listen for a mother-****ing minute, and let me finish, then.
C: ... Fine go ahead. I know it won't change anything though, love.
K: To begin, why do you think that video games implemented numeric statistical systems, in the first place? Namely, why do you think that some of the most successful series of all, such as FF, Dragon Quest, Poke`mon, the recently exploding FE, in addition to more recent cases as the Fallout series and a couple of the newer Sonic games, have implemented it?
It makes SENSE.
You know that characters are not equal in every aspect. You know that.
Things would be boring if they were.
Some are better in some aspects and worse in others.
But how much? How much stronger am I allowed to be than you? How much more defensive? How much faster? How much more healthy, more magical, more magically resistent, more whatever?
Well, I don't know, because I'm just supposed to magically keep that in my head. Can I keep my characters fair at all times? Sure, I can, because my memory is like that. However, when I wrote their stats out, I DID have to augment some things to make them average to the site, so even I had to establish them beforehand.
Now, if MY memory and MY mind can't guarantee a fair character from the beginning without consciously planning it out, are you really going to expect everyone else to?
Your style, you grew up with, all the previous sites, yada yada... They don't matter, frankly. It's not a lack of care for you or anything, but I really don't care how other RPs have been done, since they all have their flaws, and I'm trying to make this one to be as good as I can make it.
Look at Esc. Because no one has to write anything down- like, at all, unless the admins hate you- there are (or were, rather) several godmods running around freely.
There were more godmods than reasonable characters.
The reasonable characters never stood a chance, because they were built to be reasonable, while others were allowed to godmod because they figured that they could have a couple stats as just above the average, then all the others as varying degrees of way above average.
Example: [not going to give names]. He seems to think that his magical ability is supreme because he can use two elements versus one energy type. Meanwhile, he expects his character to be blazing fast, incredibly strong, too tough (not that he ever takes a hit), et cetera.
Example: [not going to give names]. He's allowed to one-shot several people in one move because his power isn't kept in-check.
Need I go on? I should think not.
Well, Yuffie is faster than Cloud, yes? Yes. K knows this much.
At Lv1, Cloud's SPD is X, while Yuffie's SPD is Y.
Why? Cloud is clunking around in this armor- Yes, lightweight armor, but heavier than Miss Wear Less Clothes- and swinging a heavy-ass greatsword.
Yuffie is a little ninja bitch with a fuhma shuriken.
Why do you THINK that she's faster than him?
(Literal translation of "Kisarugi" = "Wear Less Clothes".)
So, at the same level, she's Z much faster than Cloud.
As their levels go up, they both get faster, but at different rates.
Cloud's X becomes greater, and Yuffie's Y becomes much greater,- This sounds like some sorta' twisted biology lesson, I swear- so Z becomes greater.
Yuffie will always be faster than Cloud, and as they get faster, the difference will increase.
See, those numbers, X, Y, and Z, represent actual values of speed.
Why? Because it'd be rather ridiculous for the game to always tell you how quickly each character can accelerate in m/s^2, how fast each char's top speed is in m/s, et cetera.
It'd get especially cluster****ed if that was done with more than just speed.
Thereby, it just uses a number base, Scale 255, to relate everyone's SPD, as well as other stats, to the respective stats of others AND the other stats.
How do you tell that X strength is equal to X speed? Well, they both have Xs. Take the Xs out, and you have to decide whether some sort of other measurements, such as how many Neutons one can put into a punch versus how man m/s^2 one can accelerate on a level plane with average ground traction, are fair.
Those numbers that you're so afraid of are keeping things SIMPLER.
C: *bites her tongue.*
K: I'll give you something that you can't deny.
Go to Bulbapedia.
Look up a Poke`mon of your choice.
Tell me what Poke`mon it is and its stat total.
C: .. *twitchs,* I understand your point. I UNDERSTAND that it's simpler. I UNDERSTAND what you're trying to say. Unfortunately, I have the mindset of an author. There are things I think of, more than stats. You may notice that I haven't fought too often in my rp'ing career. When I have, I've only lost a couple times, to much greater opponents.
I get it. I do.
But when it comes to me, I want to move my story along by doing what I do, not by configuring to a system that doesn't let me work on character work, but wants me fighting 24/7.
K: ####.
C: You keep your system. It's your site. I wish I could leave it, because we differ so in opinon. Sometimes it's just not meant to be. There are different sites for different people. You can't please everyone, all the time.
K: Ahem. As I was TRYING to type, before my internet so rudely interrupted me, THEN my battery...
I never said that you have to battle all the time.
I said that this is the system for stats.
If you want your character to advance in his/her personal life, fan-****ing-tastic.
You go play house. Fine by me. I don't really care.
C: *waves,* Hey. Not exactly what I was saying.
K: If you want to buiild a nation in four seconds because your alchemy is that great, no. Not cool, for a Lv1- Heh?
C: I mean, then training, personal story advancement (See several plots I already have for [name], for Esc, Ves and The Old Reality...) should count for something still.. You mean to tell me nothing increases until I go in for advancement? You mean to tell me that I cannot grow as a character until I go for some sort of evaluation? I cannot possibly learn skills that are a bit more advanced
(nothing overly major, here...)
until I have the stats that say I can...? Stats that I can only obtain with your evaluation...?
So, it's like saying; I can't gain anything from practicing on my own, and I can't take my knowledge and transfer it to something else I can learn, I have to go in to lessons to learn even the slightest new thing, or to get even the slightest bit better.
K: Levels and Growth, last paragraph:
Oh, one last thing. These are all the differences in stats, not abilities. We'll be more lenient with abilities, so long as improvements are reasonable. I mean, if your stats go up by such an amount, your abilities should get better by a similar amount. Abilities can't always, or even usually, be judged numerically, so we'll just have to keep an eye on those.
Original Stat + (1/3 * Original Stat * (Level - 1)) + Training Increase
C: ... Alright then. So, here's something that forms to that; I can't get physically stronger by training on my own. I have to be in my coach's presence. -- Alright then. And for that, no matter what I do, if it's ten sit-ups, or a hundred, I only get a set amount stronger.
K: No. No one said anything like that.
"we'll just have to keep an eye on those." =/= you have to be coached in everything.
That is to say that you can train your spiritual pressure bullshit so that it's better than it was before, but if you're a Lv1 and expect your SP bullshit to make you the equivalent of a Lv4, the admins are gonna' say, ((Erm, no... Tone that down, please.))
C: 'Course.
I'm just saying here;
Let's taaaaake... [name] for example.
I had her for a solid month, training and whatnot before I went for an exam. I got chuunin, but the choice for SP. Jounin. I declined, then kept at it.
It was about a... Year-ish? Before I went again. Though, I wasn't TOO active then... But. I got the highest non-special rank, just because of what training I did do.
I'm saying here that I train my characters lots on my own. They gain experiences... On dere own.
K: Uh-huh. And?
C: Sometimes, it's just within my own characters that they train... But, they do train. Now, granted, it's not OFTEN, but when I do, the training posts and threads are looooooong.
... So if I go by what YOOOOOOU'RE saying...
Even though the length of those threads is a ton greater than most, I only get the same as another person who, say, only trained for a page...?
K: That... doesn't even... resemble what I said.
Obviously, if someone trains for, like, two posts, thay'll get that much training.
If you post four pages of training, your stats and/or abilities will go up in equivalence.
C: Original Stat + (1/3 * Original Stat * (Level - 1)) + Training Increase [[Sees no variables.]
K: Okay, so... >> "Level", for one, is a variable. That's the multiplier for your stats, excluding training. The "training increase" is not a set value, but a variable value in proportion to the effort that is put into training.
C: Alright, that makes more sense. Still not the way i do things though. <3
-taps side of head,- It's all up here.. And in how you present it. AND the feeling it gives off.
K: "effort that is put into training" = summary of that.
C: ... Let's put it this way. For me, words trump numeric values. Longer, yes. But i enjoy them more.. I enjoy working with them more. There's a system in my head that works, but apparently i'm not allowed to use it anymore..
K: Erm...
We... are... using... words... >>
Billy says, "Numbers system?" K says, "No." Problem is...
C: ... -ready to tear out hair.- Evaluations... You talking about higher strengths, and increasing levels and their numerical values... Sigh.
K: Not NUMERIC values. Just values. If you lift wieghts, you get stronger. The VALUE of your strength rises. That's not to say that it's measured numerically. It just is a value.
C: True. But what i'm also saying is i don't think in terms me exact values. Again; you think game. I think novel.
K: I didn't say exact values. Does "above average" sound exact, to you? If it does, you're worse than I thought. xD
I mean, I have a problem with someone saying that they're only so stong, then lifting some giant-ass WALLS for fun.
C: Yes, but the people i rp with wouldn't do that...
K: That's... why the system was made... 'Cause not everyone is an experienced RPer who knows exactly how to remain fair by every site's standards and regulations...
C: Therefore... Nubs... There are sites for them... Are you making a site for nubs...?
K: I am making a site for experienced players to RP and noobs to become experienced players.
Guess what? We're not ALL Caleb. We don't all jump into an RP forum site with no experience whatsoever and instantly have tons of skill.

... She continued to insist that it wasn't her style, while I insisted that it was what would work, what we are supposed to do. Yada yada, details details.
Just to summarize one of the major points, training is not something that necessarily needs (although it can often be better with) supervision by someone. As long as it's not as cheap as, say, lifting some weights and expecting your STR to double, or studying a couple books and expecting to master a ton of new spells while improving your MA and MAG a bunch, we're not going to have a problem with it. It has to make sense and be fair; if you don't put much effort into it, you don't get much gain. You can't jump from "slightly below average" to "above average" strength after lifting some barbells for a few minutes.
So, exactly what is training? With or without someone helping, it's a process by which a character studies, exercises, practices, or otherwise applies effort to refine one's capabilities (be that in the matters of stats, abilities, weapon/vehicle mastery, a combination, or whatever). No, you can't just run around and smack goblins down to gain Levels. You have to actually do something that's significant to gain some stat boosts, ability upgrades, and such. Level-ups can only be attained via Level Challenges and are completely unrelated to training.

Now, you have read all the rules, right? No? What the douce? Go read them! Come on; I spent hours to write them for a reason! Really, it'll help everyone if you do. All right, thanks. Now, you see the whole "one character per universe per account" thing? Well, that's mostly true of Houcm. If you make a thread in an Other Universe, the rules are flexible, depending on how the author of the thread dictates. If you want to make a thread in an Other Universe in which everyone must have three characters, must have at least two, can have up to four, or whatever, you're free to do so. In fact, there are very few "site-wide" rules that always apply to Other Universes. You can consider many of the rules as default guidelines for Other Universes, and you can make the rules up differently for your thread. However, don't try to change the rules of someone else's thread in an Other Universe, don't change rules mid-RP unless it's okay with everyone who's participating in it, and don't do other such rude, infringing things. Just use common sense.

'Hey, K, you know the Ice Climbers from Super Smash Bros Meleé and Brawl? Can I-'
Yes, so long as you can manage it. If one is considered to lead the other, you should probably just make the account as the leader, and you can put the subordinate in the Allies section. If they're equals, though, go ahead. You can put two sub-characters together as one character. Just remember that they have to be equal to others. If you add their stats and abilities up, they should be equal to the other characters of the site. In the Super Smash Bros games, a lone Ice Climber has an uphill battle. He (she if hacked) can still win, with enough skill, but (s)he just isn't equal to other characters. Put together, though, they can be just as good as everyone else. You can run the same type of setup, here. If you decide to do this, though, please say something in your bio or something to indicate it.

'So, wait, I can control two or more full-fledged characters in an Other Universe?'
Yup, so long as it's not against the rules of that specific thread. You can also jump into a story at any point, in case you didn't know, so just pop into a thread with your two characters, if it's allowed (You'll know because the rules of the thread will be posted in the first post or so of the thread.), and RP your heads off.
'Oh, I can just jump into any present thread?'
Yeah. I mean, you have to make it make sense; you can't just appear out of nowhere, unless you have such an ability, but yeah. If you are thinking about joining a story in an Other Universe, just post your character details and get to it, presuming that no one said ((out of character)) in the thread that they were not accepting more participants, though most stories will accept as many people at once as you want.

So, any more questions, misconceptions, problems, or anything else that I keep asking for your input on, members?

Point of clarification: I misheard someone translate "Kisaragi;" it's actually "wear many layers of clothing," a reference to her deceptive nature and her outfit design.

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Post by the General » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:15 pm

I read it and understand
Burning in the Skies (Those Glorious Speech Moments)
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Gliding With Courage (Battle's and Other Tense Moments)
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Post by K » Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:34 pm

Huzzah. Thanks. Everyone else, please also take a moment to read this and ask about anything that you don't understand.
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Post by K » Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:16 pm

Pics from Ivaldi Class can be used as avatars, character pics in Other Universes, inventory pics, et cetera. Just remember that the pic can and will still be used for the shop, so someone else may have a piece of tech that looks just like yours, but works completely differently.
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Post by K » Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:51 am

If you are trying to build a character and you wish to mash parameters together (such as having a single pool of energy for mana and health, pooling physical and mental stamina together, pooling chakra and mental stamina together, et cetera), it can be done. It is absolutely not against the rules to do so. However, it is against the rules to do so without any explanation. If you can write-up something in your bio, abilities, or inventory that explains why two or more parameters have been mashed together, it's allowable. Just make something up that's at least remotely logical, and we can work with it.

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Post by Noah Ivaldi » Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:14 pm

Q: Is lightning considered and element, here? What about light and darkness? Are water and ice separate? What of metals and other earth? Is earth sectioned into rock and plants? Is fire considered as partially wind-elemental? Is there a difference between air- and wind-elemental? What about combination elements? What about this? What about that? What about the other thing?

A: Chill, chill. Basically, it's all up to how you write each ability. If you throw a fireball at me, I'm not going to say that it's partially wind-elemental and that I absorb wind, so that helps to cancel-out part or all of your fire. Generally, if you use an elemental attack, it'll be considered as that element. Many people lump all the earthy junk together, but, if you don't, you can restrict yourself all that you want. Bianca, for instance, specializes in plantstuffs, has some rocky junk, and can hardly even refuel herself if surrounded by metals. We're not going to make her equally adept with all earth aspects. Laola has standard earth manipulation (equal in all aspects), but a book of skills for plants. If you want to be a water user, it's the same idea; you can be uneven in water and ice, have all of one and none of the other, or manipulate them both equally. It's all up to you, and we're pretty lenient on what explanations you come up with to justify different balances. Lightning is generally considered as lightning-elemental, unless you have some special explanation as to why your special lightning doesn't follow that, just as with other elements (including light and darkness). Wind, by definition, is moving air.

Other attacks have been called elemental as misnomers for having properties that makes them equivalents of elemental attacks, such as "gravity-elemental". Elemental abilities are generally considered as any ability against which weaknesses, resistances, immunities, or absorptions are normal. Non-elemental abilities (such as typical physical attacks and magic that just hurts, rather than hurting in an elemental manner . . . obviously) are still subject to effects like "Protect," "Shell," "Reflect," and such, but one doesn't generally have basic resistances to it. If you're immune to non-elemental magic, it's probably because you're immune to all magic. If you absorb someone's non-elemental, physical attacks, you probably absorb their elemental, physical attacks, too. However, if you absorb fire, you probably absorb all fire attacks. It's like that, if you follow.

If you're looking for an explanation as to why you can manipulate oxygen and hydrogen (air), but not water (H2O), why you can control water, but not ice (just water at a different temperature), or why you can control ice, but not water, the commonly accepted explanation is that elemental manipulations are exclusive to particular temperature ranges and chemical makeup. Also, see the Role-Player's Guide to the Universe for the explanation for separation of wind and water.

Q: Okay, what about heat? Is it fire-elemental?

A: No, not usually. Fire users can manipulate fire for heat, and ice or air users can manipulate ice or wind to reduce one's thermal energy (i.e. they can chill you), but sheer thermal energy manipulation is considered as separate to fire, ice, or any element. Examples are spells and abilities of the classic "Flare" series, which are very hot, but non-elemental. Cyclops: Climactic Fear is a Summon Magic spell that inflicts non-elemental damage, though it's cold, much like a winter wind.

Q: Is lava earth-elemental or fire-elemental?

A: By default, it'll count as half-and-half, but, if you only manipulate one element of it, your lava attacks will only involve that element. Of course, you can have abilities to convert it or use a different compound (3/4ths fire-elemental and 1/4th earth-elemental) or whatever, but the assumed default will be half-and-half.

Q: Wait. You mentioned "gravity-elemental" stuff . . . Expound.

A: Well, one may have something that grants resistance, immunity, absorption, or weakness to "gravity-elemental" attacks, which are generally exclusive to damage via gravity manipulation and gravity magic. Being able to absorb gravity doesn't mean that you will just float away while your health steadily rises, and resistance to it doesn't increase your jumping ability. That's all by the "gravity-elemental" definition, though; no one's saying that you're not allowed to make yourself able to be affected by gravity less for more mobility or whatever.

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Posting order: You'll notice that the posting order is sometimes messed up. It's not normal to do so, but it's sometimes necessary. However, it's almost never necessary in battle, so please try to avoid it in battle, and always give an OOC indication that it is being done intentionally for a good reason. In some cases, it is to carry conversations and actions that did not require interaction from and would be hindered by interruption from certain characters. Such occurrences are uncommon and should be avoided if possible, but are allowed when necessary. That is all.

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Post by Noah Ivaldi » Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:20 pm

By the way, in case you didn't catch this before, you can run on your own system. What does that mean? Well, think of many character systems that other games run on. One example would be the Panels system of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, and another would be Stickers system of Super Smash Bros Brawl. If you want to make and run on your own character system, it can work, so long as you adapt the system as necessary to fit the 7-Levels system of the site. That is, incorporating the Panels system, for instance, would grant much versatility with the various Panels for abilities and such, but there would be no Lv+1 Panels, unless maybe you just wanted to get them via Level Challenges (as with everyone) and had no way to get a level-up multiplier panel. Basically, we're saying that you can complicate your character with its own system to vastly improve versatility . . . as long as it's fair and keeps to the system that's described in the Levels and Growth thread.

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Post by Dycedarg » Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:03 am

In case you missed the memo, it is readily possible to use die rolls for chances and such. Please read this topic on Old Sein:

As stated, an ability or whatever has to be approved for usage of this privilege, but that shouldn't be a big deal. If you make it reasonable, we'll roll with- Oh, ha. Punny. Anyway, don't hesitate to ask if you can use this for stuff.

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Post by Learpabru » Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:07 am

One guess as to which languages are allowable on the site. I'll give you a hint: There's only one, it starts with an "E," and ends with a "nglish." We're not going to crucify you if you say something in another language, but translate for the rest of us. If you can't manage that, just speak English.

On that note, speak English correctly. No one's going to nitpick every little error, but use capitalization, punctuation, and spelling properly. If you don't know the language very well, learn it. Improper language is a distracting, annoying eyesore that makes it difficult to understand what you are trying to say. Do not assume that some nonsense is good enough because you can make sense of it; you wrote it! We have to be able to read and understand it, and, if it takes a lot of effort for that, it's obvious that you're not trying. If you're not trying to succeed, why should we try to help you?

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Choh Lehko
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Post by Choh Lehko » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:37 am

Many of you know that momentum is calculated as mass * velocity. Now, if you think about this, it makes you wonder: Can't you just supplement a lack of STR with higher SPD? Isn't SPD therefore a double stat, since it determines movement speed and attack speed along with damage from physical attacks? Then again, saying it like that, it almost sounds like a triple stat, but you know that ATKSPD and MOVSPD are basically two half-stats. We haven't been calculating it as a double stat, that means that high-speed chars have an unfair advantage (a big one, at that), and that means that a high-STR, high-SPD char can one-shot pretty much everyone . . . This makes no sense; do we want nothing but a bunch of hyperspeed, sudden death matches?! No, no; chill out. That would be true if this was our dimension-intersection, but it's not on Sein. Here, the dimensional properties eliminate that calculation. Here, "momentum" is just another word for "magnitude" or "measure of force." It's just a matter of this dimension-intersections properties; SPD and STR are completely separated. It's hard to get into all the nitty-gritty of how pretty much everything still works the same way except without a high-SPD punch hitting harder than a slower punch, but just take my word for it: That's just how things work, here. Therefore, no, SPD isn't a double stat, high-SPD chars don't have an unfair advantage, and high STR is still necessary for high power of physical attacks. The fighting's over, harmony is restored, and- Ahem. Everyone clear on this?

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Post by K » Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:33 am

Effects that meddle with time (such as Haste, Slow, or Stop) are assumed to affect all matters of time. Some are more specialized, though; some variants of Haste only change the flow of time for MOVSPD, others just for ATKSPD, others just for charge times/ending lags, and different combinations. If you do not specify otherwise, time effects will take place over all temporal matters.

Beyond that, though, there are invariable charge times. That is to say that there are charge times that are immune to various enchantments, status effects, or whatever else that may augment them; some charge times take exactly the amount of time that they normally take, and that's it. There are plenty of reasons/explanations for charge times like this, such as the following:
I draw in (some kind of) energy from my surroundings. An effect on my time won't change how quickly things are drawn to me, so Haste doesn't help, nor does Slow hurt.
My spell that I'm charging for identifies any temporal augmentations that are in play and adjusts so that it always takes ten seconds to charge up, no matter what.
My metaphysical ability checks the area of a 5-mile radius from me for time effects. If there is an alteration within this area, it scans a 10-mile radius and accepts the most common timeframe as the "actual" one. The charging process then takes place in that timeframe.

Invariable charge times have the advantage of refraining from being slowed by temporal detriments, but have the disadvantage of being unable to improve with temporal benefits. Are there other effects that do not vary with time manipulation (such as ending lags, for instance)? Sure. Make 'em up and establish them as such. What's stopping you?

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Post by polietilen_yqon » Sun Nov 05, 2023 9:42 am

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