Solemn Decision

These mountains encircle the Hutaudvale and are the northern border to all the other regions. They are more than far enough below 0 at night, but, strangely enough, much colder in the day. The reasons for this are yet to be determined.
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Re: Solemn Decision

Post by NPA » Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:57 am

_This was a bit surprising. Most reactions to a giant claw burrowing through the ground and attacking were more defensive. Since this morsel decided to test the creature's strength, it capitalized by grabbing Choh's waist, as the Sidewinder chop had pushed its aim downward, and suddenly slamming her into the ground. It hissed indistinctively and spat acidic drool onto Choh, temporarily lowering her defense while magically damaging her._

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