Available Stadium Contests

Composed of the Chao Lobby with its teleporter, the Chao Kindergarten, and the Neutral, Light, and Dark Chao Gardens, this is the extradimensional world where chao reside. Due to its extradimensional flux, one can't simply fly to it, but there are ways . . .
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Available Stadium Contests

Post by K » Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:37 pm

This list will be updated as people unlock more races, but unlocked races will still be locked to... those that... haven't... unlocked them... Shut up. I'm just saying that Bianca can unlock /this/ racing course for her chao, but Leilani will have to meet the same conditions with her chao to unlock that new course.

Beginner's Races- open to all
Crab Pool: Learn to swim!
Stump Valley: Get gliding!
Mushroom Forest: Badger badger- Er... Just run for it!
Block Valley: You need some brawn!

Beginner, Standard, Expert- open to all
Resolute Myth
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Grey Ultima
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