Chao Black Market

Composed of the Chao Lobby with its teleporter, the Chao Kindergarten, and the Neutral, Light, and Dark Chao Gardens, this is the extradimensional world where chao reside. Due to its extradimensional flux, one can't simply fly to it, but there are ways . . .
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Chao Black Market

Post by K » Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:42 am

Color- $5
Shiny Color- $15
Silver- $25
Gold- $30
Amethyst- $35
Ruby- $40
Sapphire- $45
Emerald- $50
Garnet- $70
Aquamarine- $70
Peridot- $70
Topaz- $70
Onyx- $70

Light- $7
Dark- $7
Round- $5
Triangular- $5
Square- $5
Heart- $7
Chao- $15
Advance A- $3
Advance B- $6
Advance C- $5.50
Advance D- $5
Advance E- $3
Advance F- $5.50
Advance G- $7
Mushroom- $15

Tasty- $15
Round- $25
Triangular- $25
Square- $25
Light- $35
Dark- $35
Strong- $45

Apple- $20
Cardboard Box- $20
Pan- $20
Empty Can- $40
Paper Bag- $40
Stump- $40
Bucket- $60
Flower Pot- $60
Watermelon- $60
Wool Hat- $80[/border]

Now, here's the logic:
The colored eggs and shiny, colored eggs cost very little because they're the same as normal chao, but with an aesthetic value.
The Jewel eggs (Silver-Onyx) cost more because their starting INT and LUK have starting values equal to the price / 5. It's not really worth the price, but you're paying for the desired aesthetics, too.
The Gem eggs (Garnet-Onyx) cost more because they start at Lv10 for their respective stats:
Garnet- Power
Aquamarine- Swim
Peridot- Run
Topaz- Fly
Onyx- Stamina

The Round, Triangular, and Square fruits cost very little because they are just like the normal fruits that grow in the gardens, but with chao favoritism.
The Light and Dark fruits cost a little more because they give the same stats as normal fruits, but also give very slight tilts to their respective alignments.
The Heart Fruits are only good for giving characters more control over the breeding factors, and not really anything else, other than granting the same as normal fruits.
Chao Fruits cost so much because they are the most convenient way to raise stats. While previous fruits raise Stamina by 40, Chao Fruit raises all stats by 50, and it's no more filling. It's also tied with them for +1 Mood (Obviously, eating good fruit makes them happy.), and there are no real downsides, so that kind of convenience and efficiency doesn't come easily.
The Advance _ fruits (simply called by their letters in the Tiny Chao Garden) now have their costs set to match the original prices, giving them each practical value. If you pay attention and plan ahead, these are a bargain for raising stats, but their drawbacks make other choices better if you don't plan very well.
The Mushroom's price is due to the fact that it offers 80 points of Stamina, twice as much as other fruits, but fills the same as other fruits. It also boosts intelligence and luck significantly.
The Tasty Seed is cheap because it just grows normal fruits.
The Strong Seed is expensive because the resulting fruits increase chao lifespans.
The other seeds cost 5 times as much as their individual fruits because they will grow more than five of them, so it makes sense for the price to be a bargain in place of the extra work and patience that is put into them.
The hats are just 1/100th of their original prices in Rings, save the Wool Hats, which are 1/100th of the price of the least expensive of them. Same price = same effect (i.e. sacrifice some Run for Stamina). The Wool Hats can be selected as any color, not just red, blue, or grey, and the color scheme won't make a difference.

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Post by K » Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:49 pm

Regulated Selling Prices (expressed in percentages of original prices):
fruit that has been bitten into- 0%
unhatched eggs- 90%
uneaten fruits- 100%
unplanted seeds- 100%
hats- 50%
top halves of hatched eggs- 10%
pumpkins and skulls from the gardens- $5 per 20 units

Note: Shop visits should be role-played fully in character in the character's respective Chao World thread, as selections and prices may vary.

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