Date and Seasons

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Should I set a start date for the "earliest to start" char?

Of course! I already thought of a purpose for this. I will submit a post that details the reason. Where's my cookie?
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Naw. Like you said, we mash character days together by situation, so time of day/night/twilight matters, but not the calendar date. Where's my cookie?
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Date and Seasons

Post by Jules » Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:29 pm

As of yet, I haven't picked out a particular date to assume that people jump in at. If I picked one, each char could easily choose another date to start on, but it seems sensible to have a precedent with which to assume startup, right?
"Geez, K, I would have thought that you would've brought this up before. It's been a long time, and this hasn't come up. You slipping, or what?" :heroangry:
Well, yeah, exactly: It hasn't come up. It's not that I haven't thought of it before; it's that I've thought of it and decided to refrain from making a solid decision. I haven't messed with dates, months, seasons, or anything except the assumed year for the following reasons:

-Holidays are celebrated on an individual/family/clan/yada yada basis. It's rare to see any more than about 10% of a town celebrating any given occasion because the people of Houcm largely respect each others' differences of priorities and timing preferences. If one family wants to celebrate Christmas on January 17th and one clan wants to celebrate it on August 44th, there's no problem. This is largely due to the fact that holidays haven't been universally commercialized on Houcm. Government mandates on holidays have their purposes, fair or fowl, in the real world, but they are invalid on Houcm. Dates are thus largely irrelevant, so timing has pretty much just been a matter of, "It's whatever. If you want your char to get into this ongoing thread, you can do so."

-No matter what the natural season is at any given time, the observed season can be anything. There are so many abilities of chars and items going on at any given time that one person could post their observations about the winter wonderland around them in March, then someone who approaches the first person could remark at the hot summer weather dying off into the beginning of autumn, and it would legitimately make sense, not requiring any sort of NPA/Royal intervention to decide whose interpretation is accurate or anything. Plants are often either adapted, physically or magically, to work through the seasons and/or are grown in people's gardens that have magically regulated seasons. These facts, too, makes the need for a mandated date (and thus "default" or "natural" season) largely obsolete.

-Moreover, it occurred to me that there logically would be no natural seasons unless the manner in which Dukaquani teleport-shoots Ziguluja's rays fluctuates in intensity. I left this as implied knowledge in the Role-Player's Guide to the Universe. I did just go over there and explicitly state that the ray teleportation system makes the axes irrelevant, but the effect of a celestial body's axis is stuff that we were taught in early middle school, in my day, so I had previously not bothered. Now, it's very easy for me to either say that the rays are or are not transmitted at different intensities across the year, which would mean, respectively, that there is or is not a standardized season system across the planets, so, in any case, we would not have to keep track of seasons on a per-hemisphere basis. That proverbial bullet has been dodged, no matter which way we go on this matter.

Now that we see my thoughts so far and why I have not mandated anything, you may be asking, "Okay, if you have sound reasons as to not get into seasons, what needs to change? Why did you call me here? I was promised cookies." Why, I'm glad that you asked that, random audience member! See, while I have had plenty of reason to "not get into it," as some may say, I am considering one of two precedents to set, and, as with any such precedent, even if plenty of people give no particular cares one way or another, it will be relevant to at least some char concepts, such as, oh, say, some eco-terrorist char that goes around trying to put a stop to every season-altering ability in an effort to bring the seasons to their "natural" state and keep them that way because . . . it's just part of the char's obsession with all things natural, you know? The options for the precedent are below. Even though almost none of the existing chars on the site have motivations or abilities that this is relevant to, as of the initial writing of this post, do try to give it some thought and a vote. There are two polls. The other is located here. Please click that and participate in both, and, as always, feel free to comment your thoughts below.
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Post by troytubbs » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:47 am

Hello! I'll be waiting for the submission, like you previously promised to share. Thanks in advance!

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Post by Tyus » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:46 pm

I definitely agree that everything's better when it feels natural and not forced.

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